You’re right—selling your home can be an overwhelming process.

You have a lot on your plate and don’t have the time or mind-space to manage another project. And frankly, this is likely the biggest project of all, and likely the largest financial transaction of your life.

In fact, the whole point of moving is to make your life a little easier. You want more space to work, entertain, relax and enjoy the ones you love.

But, you’ve also worked really hard to get to where you are, and you of course don’t want to risk losing money by not getting the very most you can for your home.

Without a strategic plan and an expert guide, your two choices are to either continue to live a chaotic life in your current space…or leave your hard-earned money on the table.

I can help.

Typical real estate marketing all too often means simply throwing the listing online, then crossing your fingers and just “hoping” the right buyer comes along. But you deserve better.

There is so much more to targeted marketing than simply throwing a post on Facebook, or snapping some pictures. To get top dollar, your home deserves professional photography—did you know the average buyer spends 20 seconds on the first photo of your house alone?

Then, once you get folks to your home, you need multiple buyers to fall in love in order to get the most offers and the most money. So your home needs to be staged to sell and stand out on the market.

And on Long Island, you have probably heard that once you accept an offer, the process gets even more complicated and you will need to invest time going back and forth between lawyers, inspectors, appraisers, banks and more…

Too many Realtors leave navigating these murky details up to you. Great….more things to think about and add to your to-do list.

But you deserve to have someone who excels at this process, who can make it easy for you.

Working with me is not your typical “transaction”—I make everything seamless and make sure you get the return on investment you deserve.

I help my clients sell their homes for the most amount of money so that they are able to move up to their next home without leaving money on the table, decrease the stress in their lives and create new memories with their family and friends.

With 15 years in marketing and PR helping billion-dollar brands, followed by a career in interior decorating and staging—my clients get measurable ROI thanks to my targeted marketing that leverages demographics and psychographics, positioning your home to sell and getting you the most money possible.

Best of all, (and a passion of mine as a bona fide HGTV addict!) is that I stage your home FOR FREE. Working with your existing furniture and my accessories, my goal is to have people who look at your home, fall in love.

So, welcome to my website, and to Long Island real estate sales that actually work.

Have a look at my staging portfolio. Read what my clients have to say about how my two decades of experience helped them in the craziness of marketing and legal swamps. Start to picture yourself in their shoes, selling your home for top dollar and finally able to move into your new life.

Then, call me today to set up your 15-minute consultation. We will outline your goals, how I work with my clients to get you the highest possible sale price, and if it’s a fit, next steps from there.