It’s time for you to get top dollar for your home, without the hassle, and without spending forever on the market.  This is your largest investment…you deserve it!

From Lingering On The Market For Over A Year To Sold In Two Months.

Christina and Atishay needed to sell their house for the highest price—fast! The house had already been on the market with another agent for over a year and a half.

They were both frustrated that they hadn’t received any realistic offers or advice from their agent on how to get their house sold. Instead, they were told to wait…

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But, with carrying costs mounting and the fear that they would never be able to sell their house, they contemplated taking a drastic price reduction and a loss on the house.

They knew they needed an expert on their side with a plan to get their house sold.

When we met to talk about the plan of action, they breathed a huge sigh of relief.

No more mysterious “let me work my magic” lines or promises about how the market would eventually change. This time they got straight talk and a smart plan.

Over the years, the couple had made significant upgrades to the home. They transformed a simple split- level into a luxury weekend retreat and were hoping to recoup their investment.

The house truly was a luxury get-away, which included all of the highest-end finishings and features. The sellers had put in a lot of hard work and money and they deserved top dollar for this one-of-a-kind home.

But because the house had been on the market for a while, they also needed a way to make it seem new and exciting.  In lieu of reducing the asking price, I came up with a different plan.  Christina and Atishay were already living in NYC in a fully furnished apartment and had little need for extra furniture. So we decided on including several significant pieces of furniture in the sale of the home.

The inclusion of the furniture differentiated the house from those around it, positioned it as a vacation home and sweetened the deal for potential buyers without lowering the asking price.  My second plan of attack was to launch my proven marketing calendar—to get more potential buyers and offers in the door and get the house sold for Christina and Atishay.

I emphasized the luxury upgrades, high-end features and designer curated furniture and accessories in a custom printed brochure, video and landing page.  I then advertised the Open House in Newsday and posted and advertised on Facebook. Finally, I expanded our reach to potential buyers by targeting buyers in zip codes closer to NYC that may be looking for a weekend get-away.

The result: Two strong offers, came in, and they accepted one for the price they wanted and were under contract within 60 days.

With their house finally sold, Atishay and Christina had this to say…

“Our experience with Janene was wonderful in every way! Within two months of listing with Janene, our house was in contract – the entire selling process was a dream. Our home was previously on the market with a local agent for a year and a half with no offers and very little foot traffic.  We were very worried that we wouldn’t sell or would take a loss. When we met with Janene, she was confident that this would not happen. Janene took control over the situation with laser focus.

 She did all of the professional staging herself and coordinated new photos and even made a video and home guide which made all the difference in driving interest. She hosted several successful open houses and brought in new potential buyers through social media. She came up with a great strategy to market to buyers outside of our area and created a targeted paid advertisement on Facebook.

 Janene made herself very available for viewings and was extremely responsive at all times.

 She literally held our hands through the process and made sure to keep us in the loop every step of the way. She went above and beyond for us and know she will do the same for any future listings.” –Christina C.

What made the difference?Christina would say it was my laser focus and creative and strategic selling strategy that made the difference for her and her husband.

 Christina and Atishay had felt hopeless, they knew they had a beautiful home but they also understood that houses don’t sell themselves.

With busy careers and traveling schedules the couple knew they needed to put the responsibility of selling their home on someone who understood the home’s value, could convince buyers and ultimately manage the process.

Just like Christina and Atishay, as a homeowner on Long Island, you know what an important investment your home is. You know you deserve to maximize your ROI…but it can feel absolutely overwhelming to know where to turn in today’s real estate world.

 Every home has a story and selling that story helps sells a home. You deserve to work with an agent that can tell your home’s story and get you the money you deserve.

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From Unsure Investment to Highest Sale Price on the Block—by $50K

Maria wanted—and needed—to sell her house for the highest price. She already owned another home and was carrying two mortgages on her own.

Feeling the pressure of rising costs and maintenance, she was ready to sell. But not at just any price…she needed to recoup her investment.

Over the years, Maria had made significant improvements to her home. She added beautiful hardwood floors…

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…and custom molding throughout the house, and had already invested a great deal of money into the home.

After years of spending thousands on top-notch improvements to her home, Maria needed ROI on her investment.

When we met, Maria was about to undertake some even greater renovations on her kitchen and two bathrooms. She was understandably worried about making wise decisions and not overspending on items that wouldn’t yield her a return on investment—especially right before putting her home on the market!

Maria knew she needed an expert on her side.

So when she found me, it was the relief she needed. No puffery and overinflated prices promised and not delivered—with my step-by-step marketing calendar and proven background in interior design and staging, Maria could finally relax.

There was a lot on the table, from her initial investment, to the improvements made, to now carrying two full mortgages—so Maria knew this approach was exactly what she needed, and she was ready to get into action.

We instantly dove into the strategic plan, getting the final property improvements nailed down and immediately launching my proven marketing calendar—finally getting Maria on track to the ROI she’d been wanting for years!

This house absolutely deserved to sell for top dollar—Maria knew that in her heart, and simply put, I agree. We’re talking about what is one of, if not the largest financial investment of your lifetime. So of course you deserve to get top dollar!

First on the docket were the final updates to the property. We worked together to come up with an economical design plan that was able to appeal to a modern and younger aesthetic…without overspending on bells and whistles that wouldn’t yield a return on investment.

With the property now looking fantastic with astute investments—the marketing plan kicked off.

Even with the fantastic updates, getting buyers in the door AND being able to see themselves living there is huge.

That is where staging comes in. And that kind of detail is exactly why Maria was so happy she went with an expert. My staging played into the airiness of the home, despite a smaller living room.

I had a custom-designed brochure and video created to position the home as a Zen Get Away. The marketing materials highlighted some of the natural features of the impressive backyard—a koi pond, lush gardens and water features—along with the large bedroom size and recently updated kitchen and baths.

Finally, aggressive Facebook organic postings and targeted advertising along with a consistent flow of open houses ensured the house was seen by the maximum of buyers.

The results?

Maria’s house sold for $49,500 more than any other home on the block—and was featured as one of the highest priced homes in Sayville that month.

What’s more, the potentially messy closing was made infinitely smoother. After Maria accepted the buyer’s offer, she found out that the previous owners had made a number of changes to the home that Maria’s lawyer hadn’t caught when she bought her home. I connected Maria with an experienced expediter who was able to apply for appropriate variances and permits.

As often happens in Long Island home deals, there was a period of time where lawyers, buyers and sellers were all on difference pages with different understanding of where we were in the process. By stepping in and serving as a liaison between all the parties I was able to keep my client Maria abreast of all developments and allay any fears of the deal falling through. With a cool $50k above any other sale on the block now in Maria’s pocket, she had this to say…

“Janene was always extremely professional and was available to answer questions with immediate responses or suggestions for solutions. The sale of my house was complicated including the need to acquire permits and variances and she was able to recommend an outstanding expeditor to move the process along. Additionally, when I first showed her the house, it was under construction in two bathrooms and a kitchen and she would come by on her Saturdays to help me pack up items and then stage the house. Janene is very up to date on the local real estate market and her expertise was invaluable. I strongly recommend her!” —Maria B.

What made the $50k difference for Maria?

As a homeowner on Long Island, you know what an important investment your home is. You know you deserve to maximize your ROI…but it can feel absolutely overwhelming to know where to turn in today’s real estate world.

Maria knew three things to be true. One, she absolutely wanted, and needed, to get top dollar for her property. Two, she wanted it done right the first time. And three, she wanted it to be handled expertly, without needing to micro-manage, or wonder what the heck was going on.

That’s exactly why she knew from our first conversation that she was in good hands with me. Working with me is a completely different experience from the nightmares we’ve all heard about. Especially on Long Island, there is a bit of a “no man’s land” between accepting an offer and finally being able to successfully close the sale. Any agent can toss a property on the market. It takes an expert to know how to present it, price it, market it, and successfully navigate all parties to closing the sale.

Maria would say that my proactivity, trained eye, precise market knowledge and proven marketing strategy are what made the difference for her.

Every property and every client are different, but the fact of the matter remains that you know you deserve return on your investment, which is why my ROI-driven approach is so important. If you are ready to get top dollar for your home, it’s time we talk.

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From Worried about The Deal …To Owning Their Dream Beach House, Generating Income and $20,000 in Instant Equity!

Cyndi and Steve had worked hard and after years of saving, they finally paid off the mortgage on their primary home. They were ready to invest in a beach house on Davis Park that they could enjoy during the summer and also use to generate income.

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They had their eye on a particular beach house but also had some concerns. While the home had great space, light and potential, years of neglect had left the home in some disrepair.  They knew they had to get a great deal on the home in order to have enough cash to upgrade it.   They also weren’t sure how much needed to be done to the home and how to get it all done at a house that was only accessible by boat.

Cyndi and Steve needed a steady hand guiding them through the process and helping them sort through what was possible and how to explore uncharted territory.

 To calm their nerves, we looked through the numbers first to better understand the current pricing and the comps as well as potential income. I connected them with a mortgage broker with experience working on Fire Island and then we made an offer.

The seller wasn’t necessarily motivated but by highlighting the many repairs she would need to make in order to continue renting the home, we convinced her to be “open” to our offer and we were able to get the home for $625K.

However, once the offer was accepted the challenges didn’t end there. Getting inspections and appraisals during the off-season can be a challenge since the ferry runs so infrequently.

By using my network of experts, I was able to find willing and experienced inspectors and appraisers willing to visit the beach in the Winter and accompanied them there to make sure we got all the boxes checked.

Fire Island can be even more challenging than Long Island when it comes to handling permits, variances and flood insurance. But this was Cyndi and Steve’s dream home and I was determined to get it for them and they knew they were in good hands.

It took a few visits to Town Hall, conversations with local town planning officials and some additional research on flood zones and transferring policies but in the end, I made sure we had all of their ducks in a row.

Unlike, many time  Realtors who act like they are too pressed for time to handle the details, I am always available for my clients and will help you with every step of the process and make sure nothing gets in the way of you getting your dream home.

The Result: We secured the home for $625,000 and it appraised for $645,000– so Cyndi and Steve were able to get $20K in instant equity at closing. In the end, we were able to close the day before the rate lock expired and were over at the beach the next day planning the home’s future.

Here’s what Cyndi and Steve had to say…

“Janene guided us through the entire process from original contact to closing. She made excellent recommendations of lawyer, surveyor, and mortgage banker. Janene was a highly attentive agent throughout the entire almost year-long process. She promptly returned phone calls and emails and even made calls for us when we were not able to. She quickly responded not only to me but to the other realtor, the bank and the lawyers as well.

 Janene is highly personable with an engaging personality. Throughout the process, we encountered many obstacles. Janene never wavered. She presented solutions to problems and kept the ball rolling on a deal that looked as if it may fall apart. After the purchase, she helped us get our property updated and ready for renters. She redesigned the interior and took the pictures for our rental listing. She even taught us how to pickle our paneling and paint our furniture!

 Janene’s knowledge, expertise and positive attitude made this a great experience for us. I would recommend her without reservation and look forward to working with her again in the future.”—Cyndi D.

Through hard work and perseverance (and a great design plan) Cyndi and Steve were able to get the house for a great price and get it on the rental market by the July 4th weekend and have an almost solidly booked rental schedule for the remainder of the summer.

They were also able to sneak in some weeks for themselves as well in their new dreamy beach house.

What really made the difference for Cyndi and Steve?

A combination of step-by-step strategic guidance, in-depth market knowledge, extensive local connections—and persistence even when faced with challenges other agents all too often deem impossible.

When you’re looking at one of, if not the largest financial investment of your life, of course you want to get it right. Frankly, you deserve nothing less than the best.

That’s exactly why Cyndi and Steve trusted me with this major investment, and their decision paid off not just with equity, but also in rental income…and a massive improvement in their quality of life!

When you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, you probably know that there are a million moving parts. And in all honesty, there are even more hurdles to clear with Long Island real estate compared to other areas, which makes having a proven expert that much more important.

You deserve to maximize your return on investment, without adding unnecessary stress.

So when you’re ready to start your next real estate venture, give me a call ==> 646-479-6677

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It’s time to get the ROI you deserve so you can make your real estate dreams your reality—and be ready to start the next chapter of your life!

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