You’re right—selling your home can be an overwhelming process.

Without a strategic plan and an expert guide, your two choices are to either continue to live a chaotic life in your current space…or leave your hard-earned money on the table.

But you know that neither of those are an option for you. You know you deserve top dollar for your home, and that getting there, especially in the Long Island market, requires a savvy approach.

You’ve probably heard about how important professional photography is when selling your home in our market—but did you know the average buyer spends 20 seconds on the first photo of your house alone? So it had better be well-staged and expertly framed…

Perhaps you’re even wondering about how targeted online advertising comes into play—and maybe you even know that simply posting on Facebook isn’t enough anymore with changing algorithms.

It just makes sense to have a systematic approach to garnering maximum offers on your home…but knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. You’re looking to sell your home to make your life a little easier in the first place, so the idea of trying to run yet another huge project, or have to micro-manage a fly-by-night agent, can be absolutely mind-boggling.

You deserve to have someone who excels at this process, who can make it easy for you.

That’s my job!

I help my clients sell their homes for the most amount of money so that they are able to move up to their next home without leaving money on the table, decrease the stress in their lives and create new memories with their family and friends.

With 15 years in marketing and PR helping billion-dollar brands, followed by a career in interior decorating and staging—my clients get measurable ROI thanks to my targeted marketing that leverages demographics and psychographics, positioning your home to sell and getting you the most money possible.

Best of all, (and a passion of mine as a bona fide HGTV addict!) is that I stage your home FOR FREE. Working with your existing furniture and my accessories, my goal is to have people who look at your home, fall in love.

Your hard-earned dollars and equity are on the line, so you deserve an agent with decades of experience navigating the craziness of marketing, elite client service and legal swamps.

It’s time for you to sell for top dollar—so let’s position your home in the best light, get the most possible offers and get you the return on investment you deserve.

What to expect when working with me:

  • Initial phone call

We will cover your goals, my process, and if it’s a fit, schedule your Strategic Marketing Consultation.

  • Strategic Marketing Consultation

In about 90 minutes, we will cover your goals in detail. I’ll walk through your home and provide a home staging consultation, and then we’ll go through my step-by-step process for getting you the highest possible price. We will also go over the specifics you need to know for selling your property, legal paperwork, and important market stats.

  • Next steps

We’ll start with my Listing Marketing Calendar so you that you’ll know every step along the way. No surprises, no chaos. My proprietary approach includes ROI-based marketing and a systematic process, all revolving around refined targeting that and proven best practices to make sure your home gets the most and best possible offers.

From prepping your home to be picture- and market-ready, to systematic marketing, negotiating the best possible terms, and then expertly liaising with lawyers and banks through closing so your transaction doesn’t stall out in the “no man’s land” between accepting an offer and reaching the closing table, I will be there every step of the way.

It’s time to work with an agent that values your time and has your best interests at heart.

Call today to for your initial consultation. We will outline your goals, how I work with my clients to get you the highest possible sale price, and if it’s a fit, next steps from there to get you on track to achieve your goals.

Call today à 646-479-6677

Our experience with Janene was wonderful in every way! Within two months of listing with Janene, our house was in contract – the entire selling process was a dream. Our home was previously on the market with a local agent for a year and a half with no offers and very little foot traffic. We were very worried that we wouldn’t sell or would take a loss. When we met with Janene, she was confident that this would not happen. Janene took control over the situation with laser focus. She did all of the professional staging herself and coordinated new photos and even made a video and home guide which made all the difference in driving interest. She hosted several successful open houses and brought in new potential buyers through social media. She came up with a great strategy to market to buyers outside of our area and created a targeted paid advertisement on Facebook. Janene made herself very available for viewings and was extremely responsive at all times. She literally held our hands through the process and made sure to keep us in the loop every step of the way. She went above and beyond for us and know she will do the same for any future listings. Christina C.

Janene was always extremely professional and was available to answer questions with immediate responses or suggestions for solutions. The sale of my house was complicated including the need to acquire permits and variances and she was able to recommend an outstanding expeditor to move the process along. Additionally, when I first showed her the house, I was under construction in two bathrooms and a kitchen and she would come by on her Saturday’s to help me pack up items and then stage the house. Janene is very up to date on the local real estate market and her expertise was invaluable. I strongly recommend her! Maria B.